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"Giants of the deep"

These behemoths of the sea cross the oceans obeying the rhythm of the seasons:

summer - the season to feed
winter - the season to breed.

Quite simple but in a gigantic scale!
Their migration from feeding grounds to breeding grounds can extend up to 10.000 Km. And once they get there they would not feed for the next 8 months! Testosterone guided male humpbacks will sing and fight hard for the females in heat.

While the females that have given birth take care of their young.
Getting back to their feeding grounds they would feed up to a ton of fish and krill per day. Therefore they have developed very efficient hunting strategies. A fascinating and still inscrutable life story.

Andrea Ramalho and Ralf Kiefner have worked for 5 years on this documentary: Every year for 5 weeks in Alaska and for 5 weeks in Tonga. They have produced this documentary completely on their own costs.

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Giants of the deep

"Giants of the deep"