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Comments to the films "Giants of the deep" and "Salmon Forest"

„… a wonderful experience!” „... unbelievable footage...", „… both films are sensational!”

“... Salmon Forest shows so beautifully in just 1/2 hour the message about the importance of the salmon and the glaciers toward the productivity of this area that I, as a biologist, have been trying to pass on for years. Besides, it is some of the best footage of feeding and redistribution of nutrient that I have ever seen.”

„… Salmon Forest describes the circle of life in a fantastic way... with very beautiful pictures and thrilling story. Well done...”

„… Giants of the Deep, this is a perfect title for this film! It really shows giants! Unbelievable close-ups! One feels like as if he is in the middle of the action! A great film experience... !”

„… I have learnt so much about an ecosystem that was unkown to me up to now...”

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"Salmon Forest"