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Vita - Andrea Ramalho

>> enlargeAndrea Ramalho was born in Rio de Janeiro. Altough she lives already for more than 4 years in Germany, she still cannot hide her brazilian temperament. The biologist Andrea Ramalho is diving for more than 15 years and works already for more than10 years as underwater camera woman together with Ralf Kiefner.

>> enlargeHer work has been aired world wide on National Geographic, Discovery Channel, BBC as well as on ARD, ZDF, RTL, VOX and PRO 7 (Germany). As underwater camera woman, she was involved in the production of Whales to Watch, The Big Feast, (both productions for VOX) as well as in the highly commended shark documentaries Beyond Fear, Striped Hunters and End of a Myth. During the production of these documentaries with Great White Sharks and Tiger Sharks without a protective cage.

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Andrea Ramalho

Andrea Ramalho