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Continuation Vita - Ralf Kiefner

Ralf´s first documentary about freediving with Great White Sharks (Beyond Fear) is one of the most successful shark documentaries. It was aired on National Geographic and Discovery Channel world wide. His second documentary about Tiger Sharks (Striped Hunters) is also filled with breathtaking footage, which is only surpassed by his last shark documentary (End of a Myth).

Also his newest documentary The Feast follows the of the previous successful films with it´s spectacular footage. "With our shark documentaries we want to make it very clear and obvious for everyone that sharks are no monsters. Through our very close encounters we want to change the negative image of sharks. because we believe that human beings are only willing to protect animals that they believe to know and that have a positiv image.

It is important to understand that our very close interactions with the sharks were only possible, because the sharks allowed us these interactions. No one can force a big shark to interact with him, if the shark does not want to interact!

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Ralf Kiefner

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